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What Is The Importance Of UI/UX?

What Are The Points Of Importance Of UI/UX Design? A good website should be well designed and developed. UI/UX is important in the following ways:   It increases customer satisfaction therefore improved ROI A good website design offers your users simple navigation and engaging content. This makes the visitors satisfied with the services of your website. Moreover, the satisfied clients will be…
Power Technologies
April 28, 2021
Digital Marketing

Creativity in Digital Marketing and Technology: How to Stand Out

This generation has witnessed an insane amount of creativity in music, art/design, cinematography, photography, product design, and most importantly, advertising. Young people constantly want to be entertained while I am learning, eating, reading up on something, or even when I am being sold something. I get it, the general format or approach that most marketers use is trying to help…
Power Technologies
April 19, 2021
Digital Marketing

Opinion: Digital Marketing Tactics: How to use them wisely now post-COVID

Like every crisis, COVID-19 presents opportunities to those willing to think outside the box. For marketers, this means a renewed push towards digital. With an unprecedented number of people working, living - and buying products - from home, pure play digital marketing approaches have the potential to create a massive impact. The key is for marketers to “read the room,” to understand…
Power Technologies
April 6, 2021

All About E-Commerce: Pros of E-Commerce

The dot-com boom of the 1990s brought about a new age of consumerism through online shopping. The internet has made it possible for people to find and buy nearly anything they can think of, all with the click of a button. What Is E-Commerce? E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, is the buying, trading, and selling of goods over the…
Power Technologies
March 30, 2021
Mobile App

The Future of The Mobile App Industry

Mobile app development is a fast growing industry. As the number of mobile and smartphones increases day by day, businesses are developing innovative mobile apps to attract their target customers. Using a mobile app to reach customers is ideally suited for large and small businesses. You can easily keep your audience engaged and interested when you use mobile apps for…
Power Technologies
March 11, 2021

#TECH: Blueprint set to boost Malaysia’s digital economy

Its holistic approach encompassing digital connectivity, infrastructure as well as digital skill sets and talents with aim to make Malaysia a connected nation. Awareness on Impact of Digitalisation Continuous awareness, education and understanding the impact of digitalisation must be done across all industries and to all SMEs/micro SMEs. "No one should be left behind. Implementation must be more effective, with…
Power Technologies
March 4, 2021