This generation has witnessed an insane amount of creativity in music, art/design, cinematography, photography, product design, and most importantly, advertising.

Young people constantly want to be entertained while I am learning, eating, reading up on something, or even when I am being sold something.

I get it, the general format or approach that most marketers use is trying to help the consumers with some sort of problem but the fact is how you present your solution matters.

There are different methods you can use to enhance your presentation of solutions and also several creative ways to market these contents. I will be enlightening you on these methods to help boost the use of creativity in your marketing.

Everything that involves marketing has to do with how it is being perceived by the consumer. If it is appealing enough to the consumers, you get a click, like, follow or email subscription and this steadily increases your community.

Where To Be Creative

1. Your Writing

I’ve been on several websites and couldn’t even follow through with the reason I was there because everything came at me at once. Although the article or video might have been helpful, I wasn’t sold by the presentation of it all.

Some websites are too bulky and some articles don’t even bother on spacing or listing everything appropriately. Truth is, most of them didn’t try to tell a story, just raw data.

Keep your readers in suspense while also giving them valuable information. It’s also better to get right into the reason for the post sometimes.

2. Visual Content

Putting out content that is visually stimulating, thought-provoking, or better still very engaging will also help you build an audience and with a certain level of the audience, a lot of the hard process becomes automatic and more opportunities available.

Convince the viewer that they have a real problem and that you are not just making the video for your agenda or for just pushing your product or brand. The main point is to show that you care and don’t mind letting out a little or huge secret formula.

All of this process takes you on a journey and even if it’s not as entertaining, it leaves your viewer intrigued and wanting more, knowing that you genuinely care and are passionate enough to create the video.

Stock images, infographics, and content graphics or banners are extremely important if you want to stay relevant in the eyes of your consumers. Matching your message with an image that will help sell your message faster is crucial. These images can be created by you or by a professional.

3. Brand Logo/Identity

There are many criteria for a good logo. It needs to be simple, yet effective. It must be unique. Relating it to your brand needs to be a breeze. It has to grab the attention of consumers for 10 seconds so they could memorize it.

Before creating your logo, find out how useful your brand, product, or business is to the world, community, customers, or consumers.

Creativity is all about critical thinking and problem-solving. Critically analyze your business model; does it help your consumer or does it only help you?

There is a grey area where you and your consumer both benefit and that is the sweet spot. At this point, you can get creative with your branding. The colors of the logo and all your banners and posters should be put into heavy consideration. A brand should maintain a color scheme and have a logo that is very memorable and sets them aside from other brands in the field.

4. Guest Host/Features

You can tap into other people’s traffic. You can build relationships with other bloggers in your niche. It’s a two-way thing, you can either go on their platform or let them come on yours.

Interviews or having the writer publish a very useful article on your website could help you with both content and traffic.

Although most editors worry that guest posts or features are too promotional, it doesn’t take away the fact that it is a very effective way to grow your website. The application and possibilities are endless depending on how you utilize it.

Invite people who are experts in your field or better still go on similar platforms to give insightful tips to beginners or startups.


Make sure you have a target audience, don’t just create content. Create specific content for a specific audience. This will help your creative process and also help convert those leads to actual sales.

It is also important to know that you could get carried away by the creative process and get so many ideas. It may lead you to want to use all of them at once.

It is very important to know that less is more and generally try to be as minimal as possible. Minimalism is very important in the process of creating. Streamlining your thoughts and making them simpler and less concentrated is a very important skill.

Go, create and make major waves in marketing your brand, business, or products.

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